Photo by Vanessa Murrell. (c) DATEAGLE ART 2019

Photo by Vanessa Murrell. (c) DATEAGLE ART 2019


B. 1993, Milwaukee, USA

I am an artist and MA Fine Art candidate at Central Saint Martins graduating in May 2019.

My work pulls deeply personal images out of obscurity and reinterprets video and photo reference material through the material language of painting. My figurative paintings of marginalised narratives explore themes of memory, family, and domesticity. I aim to capture emotional forces such as tenderness, nostalgia, and loss. Before painting, I reference my own family’s photographs and videos, stage my own domestic scenarios, or research archival footage. I then distort color, scale, and composition to create alternative versions of reality. Far from photorealistic, my paintings appear clearly fabricated; paint drips, forms are ambiguous, and details are omitted.

During my studies at Central Saint Martins, I have determined that subject is secondary to form in my practice. I am mostly drawn to the aesthetic of pre-digital images, specifically the forces of nostalgia and time that they engender. I try to communicate these forces in my paintings in order to foster an emotive exchange between the painting and viewer. To accomplish this, I have experimented with diverse materials and surfaces such as wallpaper, fabric, and cotton.

I am based in London.